Danny’s Bees

The guy who runs superhive.wordpress.com just Bottled 124 lbs of honey. That is only out of one hive. That is crazy. It’s halfway through the season and he made has already bottles more honey than anyone could have expected.


My First Honey Super! / Plastic or Wood?

Today I added my first honey super!!!
Not much to say?!?!
Well I know so now let’s debate about Plastic versus Wood hive pieces.

Personally, I prefer plastic.
1.It doesn’t mold.
2.It’s cold in the summer, yet the brood boxes are insulated for the winter.
3.It doesn’t warp.
4.It’s Cheaper.
5.It’s quite a bit lighter…

Screen Bottom Boards

Today we switched my ordinary wood bottom board over to a screen bottom board. We did this in hopes that it will
1. Increase hive ventilation
2. Help to prevent any mites that might be coming into the hive.

On a completely different note, I have never seen a hive that angry. If you are going to switch to a screen bottom board, I’d recommend that you do it while your hive is extremely small.